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You know the drill. How is my Sazh, is he good, is he bad? Feel free to crit me! Criticisms are always welcome as long as they are constructive. No flaming please! Comments are screened by default, anon is on and IP login is off.

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Name: Sazh Katzroy
Series: Final Fantasy XIII(-2)
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Canon Point: After FFXIII-2's ending

Background Link: Sazh – Final Fantasy Wiki

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- Simple Set of Clothes
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[OOC Permissions]
Backtagging: Always welcome!
Threadjacking: Should be okay! Depends of the thread, if it's not obviously okay, contact me first!
Fourthwalling: Ask me first please!
Offensive Subjects: Sure, but depending on the topic Sazh's reaction may not be good.
Handwaving / Fade to Black: While I'd rather play out things, sometime we have no choice so if needed, yes.

[IC Permissions]
Hugging him: Sure, why not.
Kissing him: … You can try and get pushed away, because WELP.
Flirting with Sazh: Go ahead? He probably won't even realize it and when he will that'll be full of awkward.
Falling in love with Sazh: ... If your character falls in love, that can't be helped.
Injuring him: Yes, if circumstances arise.
Killing him: I'm open to anything, so. Maybe, but only if plotted first.
Mind controlling him: Ask me if you have an idea, otherwise defaulted to nope.
Using telepathy to communicate with him: …Sure why not? Expect him to be wtf-ed though.
Reading his mind: Sure.

His soul/heart/spirit: As human as a human can be. Maybe you can feel he is a formed l'Cie. He has a few magical power and is a good person overall.
His powers: Meh, not much, even when he was a l'Cie he was the weakest of them all. Some magical powers, crazy gun and flight skills, that's it.

Warnings: None really, he'll just be overprotective of the kids around.
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player information.

name: Wilhelm
are you over 18?: Yes, 22
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